Silma X4

Silma X4 is your offline programming 3D inspection software dedicated to CMM part program creation and their complete simulation.

Using Silma X4 you will be able to:

  • Consistently program all your existing CMM and measuring systems independently of their brand or online 3D inspection software
  • Test your existing programs in several part program languages
  • Simulate and detect collisions inside a complete virtual world representing your exact machine parts and fixtures
  • Prepare your inspection reports without using your online software
  • Perform post inspection analysis including report generations, best fitting and additional GD&T evaluations
Graphical Representation of the Virtual World:
  • Extensive and detailed library of most of the available CMM’s (about 550 virtual machines available)
  • Complete virtual probe library for the main probe, probe head, stylus and accessories (Renishaw, Zeiss, Mora, Leica, Leitz,…)
  • Library of additional components available for full simulation (Probe changers, styli changers, Calibration sphere, ...)
  • Possibility to create models for additional specific accessories (fixtures, special components,…)
  • Full and easy interaction with the user for machine motion
  • Environment complete Virtual representation
DMIS language including HLL commands and the latest scanning statements (high level language)

Part program creation in a complete
virtual world:
  • Native DMIS Language for advanced compatibility with all CMM’s
  • Export to your specific OEM language (Quindos, Umess, Avail, ...)
  • Metrolog (.gm2) part programming language
  • All the advanced Silma X4 functionalities are fully compatible with the online Metrolog software

Assembly and positioning modules:
  • Special assembly and positioning modules based on constraints on the different components to beb assembled (Fixture, part to be measured, ...)
  • Direct CAD import for all native or neutral type of formats (Iges, Set, Vda, Catia V4, V5, NX, ProEng, STEP, IDEAS...)
  • Complete integration with embedded GD&T coming from Catia V5 and Pro Engineer CAD Files
  • Simple and powerful tools to position several parts under a given and specific set of constraints.

Probing assistance:
  • Automatic probing path generation with probing assistance (Automatic probing path creation, specific strategies,…)
  • Complete and advanced collision detection
  • Clearance box and plane management, including automatic head angle selection
  • Direct access to several probing path strategies including fully intuitive measurement methods

Our 3D inspection software range provide you the best way for quality measuring
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