Why choose us?

:: Think "Global"

Our Goal:

  • Optimize and reduce acquisition and working cost of your installation
  • Make your measuring systems work without interruption

Optimised cost thanks to universal 3D inspection software solution:

  • Compatible with all 3D measuring devices whatever the brand
  • Adapted to anykind of application: All type of parts and Measure at all stage of the production

Our solution is global:

  • An unique interlocutor for measurement problems
  • Close to your plant: A worldwide network of experts
  • Reactivity: Dedicated team to answer your demands in the shortest time

:: Think "Performance"

Production increase, costs reduction:

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Improve the coordination between different services of extended company
  • Easy to use solutions: Quick installation, be trained in few days and easy everyday use of the 3D inspection software

Powerful tools for programming and analysis:

  • Measuring time optimisation for your control unit
  • Automation of all measurement process
  • Better analysis and understanding of measuring results, possible default of the parts, influence of the inspection strategy on the results…

:: Think "Secure"

Already well known and widely used solutions
Solutions perfectly adapted to your applications and prepared for future evolutions
3D inspection software and Solutions used by the biggest Groups all aroud the world
Approved solutions and Certified 3D inspection software's by PTB and NIST
Signed agreement with major actors in 3D Inspection software and from PLM (3D measuring system manufacturer and Dassault Systemes ‘Gold Partner')

Our 3D inspection software solutions are timelessness and prepared for future:

  • Flexible solutions: The modular concept of our 3D inspection software solution fit perfectly your applications and can be upgraded to answer future needs.
  • Our 3D inspection software are regularly updated: To allow you to use the latest technologies in measuring devices and evolution in measuring process.

With Metrologic Group 3D inspection software and Solutions, you get a complete customer-driven solution.

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