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Update on the Universal 3D Measurement Workflow

Metrologic Group, the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions, is launching its Version 7 built on the latest X4 architecture. This version includes enhanced new capabilities and performance improvements that further set apart its universal 3D platform as the most versatile and powerful software suite in the industry.

Among the major improvements included as part of this major release we have decided to further focus on:

1/ Virtual World 3D inspection planning and programming based on our Silma product (offline programming). Colision detection, avoidance as well as automatic path creation and optimization are now available for CMM and robot inspection programming.

2/ Point Cloud acquisition and inspection with additional device interfaces as well as new features aiming at efficiently facilitating large point cloud processing with utmost accuracy.

3/ Automation and Robot inspection with the integration of many new devices and Robot controllers, including various Collaborative Robots direct interfaces.

As a Universal 3D inspection solution, you may have a different use of Metrolog and Silma for your own application. However, we have made sure that you will still find many new other features that will help your day-to-day inspection needs using Metrolog and Silma independently on the measuring device, technology or your application. Visit our release notes area to discover all the latest enhancements.

To access the download area and get more information, just visit our website or simply login to our extranet page.

Not registered? Registration is simple and quick; use your License MetroKey or Dongle Number information as well as your contact details to request a direct personalized access.

Any questions? Contact your local reseller or your dedicated hotline at hotline@metrologic.fr

Enjoy the Holliday Season as well as this new release!

Discover our detail-oriented approach to Universal 3D inspection and click here to download the 7 release full HD illustration

The Metrologic Group Team
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