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For the last 15 years Metrolog has emerged as the most sought after and position itself as the benchmark industrial application for any kind of 3D measurements.

The most successful automotive and aerospace corporations have already standardized their 3D measurement software worldwide with our proven solution. Reliability, efficiency and global approach are just a few qualifier allowing Metrolog to be proficient with any 3D devices fulfilling all your 3D measurement and analysis requirements: from simple measurement to more complex geometrical and surface analysis including point cloud, Metrolog is your solution.

Available in more than 30 countries and out of the box in 18 languages, the 10,000th Metrolog License was recently sold and installed in South Korea.

With 150 direct team members, 6 subsidiaries and 18 distributors, Metrologic Group continuously expands its range of products and services while maintaining a tight relationship with all its end users. Offering to the most demanding industrial companies off-the-shelf, efficient, reliable and complete solutions, Metrologic keeps delivering innovation through state of the art and industry dedicated expertise.

The new generation of Metrolog software to be released in 2011 will confirm Metrologic Group as the world leader in 3D measuring solutions, thus setting the bar to a new level.
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